instrument repairs

top of the line instrument repairs to keep the gigging musician going.

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basic guitar / bass setup

  • String change
  • Fretboard oil/conditioned
  • Pots & Switches cleaned and lubricated
  • Solder points touched up
  • Action adjusted to make guitar/bass have optimum playability
  • Intonation set
  • Tuners lubricated
  • All around basic clean

from £25 (exc strings)

full guitar / bass setup

  • Includes everything from a basic set-up
  • Fret level
  • Fret crown
  • fret Polish

from £70

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about images

full re-fret

  • Multiple types of fret wire available
  • Price will vary depending on fret wire type and for specific guitars

from £120

General repairs

String Change

(Guitar only. Including Strings), £5 + your choice of strings (Bass)

From £10

Headstock/Neck Repair

This is a structural repair only. Any cosmetic repairs will be extra (See our finishing price list)

From £60

Acoustic Bridge Re-Glue

Original bridge removed

From £40


New parts such as switches & pots will be added to the price

From £20

Pick-up Installation

£5 per additional pickup

From £10

Nut Fitting

Price of nut not included

From £15

Partial Re-Fret

Price depends on number frets needing replaced


Acoustic Pickup Installation

If body modification is required price will go up

From £30

Machine-Head Installation

Machine heads not included

From £10

Basic Body Refinish

Original finish took back, dents filled and completely refinished

From £140

Full Body Refinish

Body taken back to natural wood and completely refinished

From £170

Headstock Repair Refinish

New parts such as switches & pots will be added to the price

From £130

Acoustic Soundboard Refinish

Soundboard refinished after damage

From £50

Metallic/Matt/Satin Finish

Extra on either refinish. For bursts / 2 & 3 tone finishes £30 will be added for each additional color

From £15

Spot Repairs

Small finish repairs

From £20