Apex Pickups - How it all started

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Posted: Feb 19, 2019

In 2015 i had the idea while doing a HND (Higher National Diploma) in a college in Armagh city that i wanted to focus my efforts on a business model i had been thinking about for a few months, this business model would become "Apex Pickups" which would pave the way for the beginning of "Apex Music".

After approaching my tutors at the time with this idea I began planning everything out and working towards prototyping different models until i was happy with the results, i then moved on to the final products and started shooting demo videos for my website that i was designing (I am in no way a website designed so at the time it turned out crap).

To cut a long story short I put tons of work into the pickups, pull in some decent sponsors and started building a client base then decided to take over a studio that was originally a partnership so i had to place my time with that in order to build it up which then put the pickups on the back burner.

Once the studio built up to a comfortable level and things started to expand i then started putting more time into the instrument repair workshop that i had also opened which led to expanding the workshop into a new premises along with a music shop "Saint Music" where we now reside.

After getting settled into the new shop and Graham McKinstry coming on board with the business we are now in a position to relaunch the pickups and (excuse the pun) pickup where we left of a few years back. This is the origin of our business and it means a lot to us to remember our roots and really give our pickups the attention they deserve.

Thanks for reading

Oran McGuckin